CBR argues for through link to Carlisle

CBR has responded to the Scottish Government’s draft National Planning Framework 3, noting that the reinstatement of the Borders to Carlisle link is supported by the South East Scotland Strategic Development Plan. CBR argues that, in the interests of joined-up policy – and for the region to truly prosper – the extension of the railway should be adopted as a ‘National Development’ in NPF3. For details, see links below.



2 thoughts on “CBR argues for through link to Carlisle

  1. The old Waverley Route should never have been closed in 1969 anyway. What is needed now is some serious consideration for an extension to Hawick and then on to Carlisle. If the Stirling-Alloa and the new line through Bathgate can make profit, then why not an Edinburgh -Carlisle (via Hawick).

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