About the Campaign

The CBR Story

Campaign for Borders Rail is an independent community-based association with over 1000 members. Founded in 1999, it has been one of the most successful grassroots rail campaigns in Great Britain, a story of concerned citizens from all walks of life getting together to right the 1969 injustice of complete closure of the 98-mile Waverley Route through the Scottish Borders. CBR is run by a committee and office-bearers elected by the membership at the annual general meeting. We are independent of any political party or commercial interest but seek to work with all bona-fide individuals and organisations who share our aims.

Page image: Hawick, courtesy of Walter Baxter.

Our Aims

  • To campaign for further railway development in the Borders including extension of the Borders Railway to Hawick and Carlisle.
  • To represent the interests of Borders Railway users and campaign for improvements to the existing line and its services.
  • To maximise the railway’s benefit to the Borders community.
  • To promote a more sustainable transport system.
  • To promote rail transport in the Borders to reduce social isolation and help those living in deprived socio-economic circumstances.

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Timescale to Delivery

We are working to secure a full and fit-for-purpose feasibility study on the shortest possible timescale. Our aim is to promote partnership working between the UK Government, the Scottish Government and key agencies on both sides of the border to fund the feasibility work and deliver the project. You can read more about the project in the PDF below.

Download Timescale Article (PDF)

Investing for the Future

There remains a significant deficit of transport provision in the Borderlands compared to other similar regions. Investment in a through rail route will help build a fairer and more sustainable future for the area, unlocking suppressed economic development and helping to re-balance the economy. You can read more about the plans for investment in the PDF below.

Download Strategy Article (PDF)