As the Campaign goes from strength to strength, the demands on our resources grow ever greater. Your donation will go directly to support and expand our campaigning work, helping us to engage more often with high political office and official bodies in pursuit of our aims.

Page image by Alwyn Johnston: The old station buildings at Melrose.

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Donations made using this portal will be treated as unrestricted contributions to general funds. Purposes include producing updated and more compelling documents and marketing materials, and supporting our lobbying work to take our message further into the national agenda. There is a constant need to present ourselves ever more credibly; in person, in publications, in presentations and consultations, on air and online, not to mention the administrative overheads involved in running any organisation. CBR operates a donations policy to ensure transparency and avoid compromising the independent policy of the Campaign or bringing the organisation into disrepute. Every member working on behalf of the campaign does so without remuneration and indeed are expected to meet the majority of their personal expenses, in accordance with our expenses policy.
Should you wish to make a donation for a specific purpose, please get in touch via the contact page.
Donations by cheque should be made payable to ‘Campaign for Borders Rail’ and sent to the postal address details shown on the contact page. Please include your name, contact details and confirmation of your donation so that we can properly record your payment.

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