Month: November 2012

RAIL magazine article

With the kind permission of RAIL magazine, here is the link to an article on the Borders Railway by Paul Prentice, published in the June-July issue. Only just received – and although partly overtaken by events it does incorporate useful insights and interesting photos, as well as illustrating how CBR has secured a national profile. June […]

The Southern Reporter says it all

The big announcement on 6th November generated a wide variety of media coverage – from the predictably downbeat Scotsman,through an alarmingly negative BBC (giving far too much prominence to the narrow and distorted perspective of John Lamont MSP) to generally positive coverage in the Border Telegraph, Guardian, Herald and perhaps above all the Southern Reporter. The paper’s […]

New official web site for the Borders Railway

Network Rail has launched a striking new web site for the Borders Railway on Amongst the interesting snippets to be found are: The Borders Railway will be the longest new domestic railway to be constructed in Britain for over 100 years [showing the tremendous scale of achievement, completely ignored by sceptics and critics like […]

UK news coverage for the Borders Railway

Yesterday’s Guardian carried a big news piece on the Borders Railway – their web version (with different photos) is at The paper’s Scotland correspondent Severin Carrell is also running a news blog on the Borders Railway:

Another campaign success for CBR

Today’s historic announcement of the Borders Railway contract signing by Transport Scotland and Network Rail also brought confirmation of the success of CBR’s campaign (together with the Waverley Route Trust)  for Tweedbank station to be redesigned to accommodate tourist charter trains. The Tweedbank terminus platform tracks will now be extended to 285m length, enabling commercially […]