Author: Campaign for Borders Rail

Press Release – 1st March 2022

CBR considers professional study Campaign looks ahead to Borders Railway Extension Study The Campaign for Borders Rail is considering commissioning its own research to support the case for extending the Edinburgh – Tweedbank railway to Hawick and Carlisle, thereby establishing a sustainable and socially inclusive communications and economic regeneration corridor throughout the Borderlands, fully integrated with the […]

Press Release – 10th February 2022

ScotRail must reflect ambition not austerity says Campaign for Borders Rail The Campaign for Borders Rail, the influential community group lobbying for a new strategic cross-border rail link between Scotland and England, has welcomed ScotRail’s decision to restore Borders Railway services to pre-pandemic levels on a trial basis.  The Campaign, along with other stakeholders, put […]

Press Release – 26th November 2021

The Campaign for Borders Rail has welcomed the opportunity to consider the Union Connectivity Review as published today by the Department for Transport. We do express some disappointment that the Review does not directly reference the wider strategic benefits of completing the Borders Railway through Hawick to Carlisle, thereby providing a much-needed cross-border link, helping […]

Press Release – 22nd June 2021

The Campaign for Borders Rail – the successful pressure group seeking completion of the Borders Railway through Hawick to Carlisle – has been in significant dialogue with ministerial stakeholders, both in Holyrood and Westminster.   “We have succeeded in taking our message to key decision makers on both sides of the border,” said Marion Short, […]

Press Release – Saturday 9th January 2021

Complete the Borders Railway: Campaign tells Union Connectivity Review The Campaign for Borders Rail, the influential community-based group lobbying for extension and completion of the Borders Railway, has made its case to the Union Connectivity Review, commissioned by HM Government, and chaired by Network Rail’s Sir Peter Hendy. CBR has told the Review that completing […]

Big opportunity on the small screen

This article has been published as a supplementary feature in conjunction with Campaign for Borders Rail’s Newsletter 62. To receive the full newsletter, please subscribe to become a member of the Campaign – details at Back in the days before shaking hands became life-threateningly foolhardy, Simon Walton met Rob Bell, for a special edition […]

Campaign for Borders Rail Press Release – 2 June 2020

“Campaign more important now than ever” “Building the new cross-border rail rink is the most important post-coronavirus project we can undertake to redefine ourselves” Simon Walton, chair, Campaign for Borders Rail Campaign for Borders Rail has made a radical restatement of policy, and pledges more to commerce and the community on both sides of the […]