Press Release 22 May 2018 – Campaign for Borders Rail comes to Carlisle

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Campaign for Borders Rail comes to Carlisle (meeting held on 18th May 2018)

In collaboration with the offices of John Stevenson MP (Carlisle) and John Lamont MP (Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk); the Campaign for Borders Rail is jointly distributing the attached press release, giving details of the meeting between the two MPs and the Campaign, held last Friday (18 May 2018) at the offices of John Stevenson MP in Carlisle.

Campaigners fighting to extend the Borders Railway on to Carlisle have met with the two MPs who represent the beginning and the end of the proposed new line.

Carlisle MP and Borderlands Growth Deal Champion, John Stevenson hosted John Lamont MP and representatives of the Campaign for Borders Rail in the city recently, to discuss the potential of bringing the line to Carlisle.
At the meeting, John Stevenson MP was briefed about the success of the line to Tweedbank, as well as the potential benefit to the Scottish Borders and Cumbria of extending the line. 
Both MPs have now agreed to pursue the issue with the UK Government and make sure extending the Borders Rail is considered as part of the Borderlands Growth Deal. 
Speaking afterwards,

John Lamont MP said: “The business case for bringing the line to Carlisle is clear to me. There could be huge benefits in terms of job creation, better connectivity to the West Coast Mainline and Carlisle airport and also added benefits like getting some freight off our roads.

“In my view, the Borderlands Growth Deal is the perfect opportunity to fast track the extension of the railway. Better cross border routes are exactly the type of projects that Borderlands should be supporting.”
John Stevenson MP added: “This proposal is potentially very exciting. It could help boost the connectivity and economy of a substantial part of the Borderlands region. I look forward to working with all parties to try and make this a success.”
Simon Walton, Chairman of the Campaign for Borders Rail
said: “It was great to bring the two Members of Parliament together to discuss bringing the Borders Railway to Carlisle.
 “It would really be a strategic link between Carlisle and Cumbria more widely and the Scottish Borders. Both areas would be exposed to new markets and better transport links. This extension is the most tangible way of promoting economic re-development throughout the whole region.
 “There is clearly an opportunity in the Borderlands Growth Deal to press forward with this and I look forward to working with local representatives.”  

Simon Walton, Chairman, Campaign for Borders Rail

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