Campaign for Borders Rail – Press Release – 21 October 2017

Campaign for Borders Rail

Press Release

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Campaign Given Mandate to Carlisle

Guests Alex Hynes (ScotRail MD); Rachael Hamilton MSP; Cllr Colin Glover (Carlisle CC); and Hawick Provost Watson McAteer (Scottish Borders Council) make passionate pleas for extension through Hawick to Carlisle.

The unanimous vote of the membership gave the Campaign for Borders Rail leave to continue pressing the case for a new cross-border rail link via the Scottish Borders, by extending the Edinburgh – Tweedbank (Borders Railway) through Hawick to Carlisle. The vote was taken as the climax to the Campaign’s AGM, held before an enthusiastic audience at the Heart of Hawick.

A panel of four prominent guests took part in a ‘question time’ styled debate, answering questions posed by the membership at large.

Watson McAteer, Provost of Hawick said that a railway would bring benefits to the community in Hawick, and provide a catalyst for economic growth.

His counterpart, Colin Glover, Carlisle City Council Leader, reiterated the importance of improved communications between the Cumbrian capital and the Scottish Borders. A new link would provide better opportunities for all communities served, including adding appeal to Carlisle as a destination for business and leisure.

Rachael Hamilton, the MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, said that the line represented a vital step for the Borders. She praised the professional approach of the Campaign, in it’s continued lobby to keep the argument for extension on the public agenda.

Alex Hynes, Managing Director of ScotRail Alliance said that the 2.6million journeys made on the existing Borders Railway, in the two years siunce opening, proved there was demand for services in the Borders. He noted that improvements, such as longer trains, were in the planning pipeline, and said his role would certainly involve him in any service planning for an extended Borders Railway.

Simon Walton, who was elected for a second stint as Chair of the Campaign for Borders Rail, said this would be a pivotal year for CBR. He said that with a Scottish Government backed transport study expected in the New Year, it was crucial that the Campaign be methodical in its response. The recommendations, he said, were by no means assured to be positive towards railway development. However, the new chairman praised the efforts of Campaigners, who recently raised paid-up membership to an all-time high of over 1000. He said the weight of expectation was now firmly on the Campaign’s shoulders, and that remaining focused, committed and confident were the keys to seeing their ultimate goal achieved.

Notes to Editors:
The report Summary Case for a New Cross-Border Rail Link is available to download at

The Borders Railway is the northern part of the Waverley Route that closed in 1969 between Edinburgh and Carlisle through Galashiels and Hawick. It was formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 9 September 2015.

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