Extending the Borders Railway to Hawick and Carlisle

The Campaign continues to  work towards extending the Borders Railway south to Hawick and Carlisle. The old route passed through Melrose, Newtown St Boswells, Hawick, Newcastleton and Longtown. The final route will subject to a professional study of the options, and may vary from the old route. However, the old route has been given a measure of protection by the planning authorities, and most of the engineering structures and track bed are intact.

During May, Campaign for Borders Rail will be distributing flyers to every postal address in TD1, TD6, TD7 and TD8 (Galashiels, Selkirk, Melrose, Newtown, St Boswells, Jedburgh).  Some of those areas are already enjoying the benefits of the Borders Railway  for travel towards Edinburgh – but they also stand to benefit from its being extended. A railway south to Hawick and Carlisle is expected to boost population, employment, investment and tourism in the area,  and open up direct travel opportunities towards the north-west of England, including Manchester Airport and London. Other benefits of the railway extension are outlined in the flyer. Please click on the link below.


4 thoughts on “Extending the Borders Railway to Hawick and Carlisle

  1. Michael Denholm says:

    This is a very professionally produced flyer – and it’s attractive as well as being factual. I hope the Campaign for Borders Rail reaps optimism and restoration of the railway south of Tweedbank.

  2. Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton says:

    Can I just make the point that I live in Peebles and use the Borders Railway regularly to go to Edinburgh, because of the profound problems there are in parking there. On that basis please do not forget us in Peebles. Thanks, Francis Hamilton (Dr)

  3. Brian George says:

    Very encouraging to see that we are still going for further extensions. Let us hope that anything laid down in the future will be double track and not single with passing places. Given the numbers of people being carried already. I hope Transport for Scotland have learned their lesson on that one!!

    As an aside:

    The Peninsular Task Force is a group of sorts looking at the reopening of lines in the West Country. Including Exeter – Okehampton – Tavistock rail route. (Plus other transport options)

    I was interested to see that they are quoting various aspects of Borders Rail and its costings etc etc as something that could be useful to what they are doing.

    All a bit vague though with them at the moment. In Draft form and all that sort of thing….

    If anybody is remotely interested I show their link below to the Summary type document they have just done.. Sections 6 and 7 might be worth a very brief look. But I leave to readers to decide that sort of thing for themselves.

    Good luck with extending to Hawick! I hope the good people of that town appreciate all the efforts being made on their behalf.
    I visited Melrose some years back with a walking group. That town could certainly do with a rail connection. As I thought could Jedburgh, but that is of course on the end of another line that was.

    Kind Regards

    Here is the link I mentioned above:

  4. Brian George says:

    Addendum to my comments above.

    I have also just opened the link to your newsletter. Very good.

    Very pleased that Madge Elliott is included. That good lady took part in a documentary last year I thought, about the closure of the line.

    Very nice leaflet.

    Regards again.

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