CBR warned ScotRail about high levels of demand

In response to claims by ScotRail that the level of interest in travelling on the new railway has been ‘remarkable’, CBR has pointed out that it warned the rail operator that it would need to pull out all the stops to ensure that travellers new to rail get the best possible experience in the first weeks of the Borders Railway. The opening week of the new railway has been fraught with too many late trains and too much overcrowding on trains restricted to 2 coaches rather than 4 or 6.

For a reminder of what CBR said in its 31st August press release, see: Press release 4 from Campaign for Borders Rail

2 thoughts on “CBR warned ScotRail about high levels of demand

  1. It just shows what an incompetent bunch ScotRail are, despite all the promises, they have spectacularly failed to deliver them, running 2 car trains vice 4 and 6 cars, makes you wonder why CBR bothered.

  2. Read Alan William’s comments in the latest Modern Railways magazine on his attempted visit to the Borders Railway. CBR are quite entitled to say ‘We warned you this could happen’.
    The Campaign for the push south to Hawick needs to take note so as not to repeat these problems again.

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