CBR goes public over ongoing reliability worries

CBR has press-released its letter to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, flagging up worries over the impact on Borders train service reliability of cutting back double track and not tackling rail network congestion in eastern Edinburgh.

The release highlights CBR’s call for Transport Scotland to publish its contingency plans for dealing with late running and a request for assurance that any underlying problems will be quickly put right if CBR’s fears over unreliability are realised in practice.

CBR Chair Simon Walton concludes: “Competitive journey times and reliable services are essential if commuters are to switch from their cars to the train in large numbers and ensure that the Borders Railway is the success it deserves to be.”

The press release is attached:


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  1. I see that Great Britain VI tour passed through Edinburgh Waverley on 1st May (Thursday), return 2nd (Friday) so would be there any time in next years timetable for part of Great Britain VI tour going down the Border railway line

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