3 thoughts on “CBR newsletter calls for new campaign push

  1. Clearly extension of the railway south from Tweedbank to directly serve Melrose, St Boswells and Hawick is now the most obvious contender for the next stage of Scotland’s investment in new rail infrastructure that will bring new hope & improved quality of life ‘connectivity’ to the these towns ..particularly important for the people and businesses of Hawick.

  2. Recovery of concrete sleepers and rails by Engineers trains of the disused Leamside Branch (closed in about 1990) of materials that have not been stolen over the many years, sees (at least) the concrete sleepers being taken by RAIL to Millerhill yard for eventual re-use on the Waverley re-instatement project …hopefully re-use of perfectly good concrete sleepers that have probably 50 years life left in them will help Network Rail/etc to minimise their costs.
    It should be noted that nationally hundreds of thousands of perfectly serviceable concrete sleepers, both flat bottom & bull head …some dating back to early 1950’s are being made available from planned ongoing mass relaying of main lines.
    Rather than the costs (& waste) of crushing them it is to be hoped the majority which are generally in good condition will find useful re-use on secondary lines including re-instatement projects such as Edin/Gala and of course thousands have already found their way onto Heritage lines in the last few years along with good serviceable flat bottom rails.

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