Support from Michael Moore MP

CBR Chair Simon Walton reports:

“Michael Moore, MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, and, incidentally, the Secretary of State for Scotland, met on Friday with Simon Walton and Richard Crockett, incoming chairman and outgoing vice chairman, respectively. As was said, it’s nice of the chairman to get to know the ordinary membership. 

“It’s not every ordinary member however, who has a seat in Westminster, and Michael, as a long standing member of CBR, was rightfully thanked for his continuing support.
“He offered some valuable insights and expertise, not least communicating developments, engaging with communities, and keeping abreast of works.  So far, so ministerial – but seriously, among his genuinely perceptive recommendations were using social media to far better reach the community at large; and how to put forward plans and proposals in ways that offer all shades of opinion an opportunity to engage.
“With CBR reviewing its role, and reviewing its priorities, Michael’s insight, and even participation, is a welcome offer.”

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