New blog administration in advance of the big announcement

This is David Spaven here – I’ve taken over blog administration on behalf of CBR, and hope to be able to make regular postings in the exciting period following the anticipated announcement – in the next couple of weeks – of the go-ahead for construction of the Borders Railway.

I look forward to your comments on postings, and ongoing discussion on how CBR and others can help to ensure we get – in the words of CBR – ‘the best possible Borders Railway’ – by 2014-15.

I will need to feel my way into this new role, so please bear with me if the technology initially gets the better of me! Just one request at this stage – it would be great if your comments were attributable rather than anonymous, unless of course your employment precludes this.

3 thoughts on “New blog administration in advance of the big announcement

  1. Very pleased to hear it, David. I’m very much looking to seeing regular posts on this blog and keeping my fingers crossed for the big announcement in the coming days…Do you think the announcement will include details of what is proposed for the Tweedbank terminus and the Millerhill chord?

    • Thanks Nick – sorry it took me a wee while to respond, confirming my warning about technical barriers! We are hoping that the announcement will include confirmation that the modest changes needed at Tweedbank to accommodate charters will be part of the scheme. Unfortunately, however, I think we are well beyond the stage where major changes – such as intermediate signals on the dynamic loops to create extra charter paths, and the Millerhill chord – have any chance of being included, but I would like to be proved wrong!

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